The Korea Bizwire reports that the results of a new study showed white ginseng relieved anxiety and improved sleep by 13.6% in participants.

The Rural Development Administration (RDA) revealed Wednesday the results of a study demonstrating that regular consumption of ginseng can help relieve stress.

The discovery came to light after an experimental study by a mental health science team from the Kyung Hee University Medical Center, which conducted physical application testing of 70 adults using white ginseng.

White ginseng is dried ginseng with its skin intact, and is already recognized for two main functions: a boost in immunity and improving fatigue.

According to the team, subjects who consumed 3 grams of powdered white ginseng every day for 12 weeks scored 48.1% lower in the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale than those who only took a placebo. The Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale is a popular psychological questionnaire used to rate the severity of one’s anxiety.

The study also revealed that those who consumed ginseng showed a 13.6% increase on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, which assesses quality of sleep of a one-month time interval.

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