Nova LifeStyle Inc has developed a new, health-oriented product line called Smart Health Furniture, which offers the ability to monitor, record, and deliver user data to key medical care providers.

“We are very excited to have developed a ground-breaking new line of furniture that will be able to automatically examine a person’s blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, weight, body temperature, sleep quality, and other physiological indexes while he or she rests,” says Jeffery Wong, CEO of Nova LifeStyle, in a release. “The Smart Health Furniture line will also make the vital data that is collected available to designated medical professionals to quickly detect any possible health issues, thus putting the focus on overall health improvement and medical cost efficiencies.”

Shawn Huang, the company’s chief engineer, says: “We have extensively researched the trends in the health industry and wanted to capitalize on these trends by creating a new product line that is health-oriented. Nova assembled a team of internationally-renowned experts in the fields of medical science, materials, and electronic science to work on R&D of this line of products over the past two years. Additionally, we are vigorously registering the associated patents for the technology that we have developed through the R&D process.”

The company is currently in discussions with several distributors in China, the United States, and Europe.