Expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) devices create backpressure from a user’s own breath to keep airways open for obstructive sleep apnea patients. They do not require a power source and typically fit within the palm of a hand. This guide compares EPAP devices on specifications including sizes, materials, warranty, payor coverage, cleaning instructions, and supporting studies.

Company:AirAvant MedicalBRYGGS Medical LLCCPAPNEA Medical Supply
EPAP:Bongo RxULTepapOptipillows EPAP Mask
FDA-Cleared Indications:mild to moderate OSAmild to moderate OSAsnoring
Description:FDA-cleared, clinically tested, prescription EPAP device for OSA. Soft nasal seals also create nasal dilation. Reusable. Requires no machine or power. Very small, simple to use and requires no assembly. Can be worn with or without headgear. User-friendly option for noncompliant CPAP patients or for travel. Comes with drying stand and travel case. Designed & made in the USA.Reusable EPAP device with a three-year warranty on the valves.Optipillows EPAP Mask allows users to adjust the resistance to fit their specific pressure requirements (1.5-14.5 cm H2O). Optipillows was designed by a sleep physician, is comfortable, quiet, reusable, optimal for travel, economical, and requires no prescription. Kits include the patented valve, adjustable headgear, and 3 sizes of nasal pillows. Replace annually.
Available Through Prescription:YesYesNo
Available Over-the-Counter:NoNoYes
Sizes:S, M, L, XL included in starter kitS, M, L3 sizes of nasal pillows + adjustable headstrap included in kit
Pressure (cm H2O):up to 15 (fixed)0-20 (fixed)1.5-14.5 (adjustable via
side vent)
Materials:silicone nasal seals with polycarbonate valve housingssilicon nasal pillows and polycarbonate valvesnonallergenic plastic and silicone
Warranty (days):9090 (pillows); 1,095 (valves)30
Payor Coverage:cash pay; FSA/HSA coveredcash payMSRP/MAP $119
How to Clean:Clean with mild soap and water. No disassembly required.Warm, soapy water; rinse and air dry.Clean with mild soap and water.
Supporting Study:Clinically studied with patients using Bongo at home and in-lab PSGs, with and without Bongo, to demonstrate AHI reduction. Study reviewed by FDA and presented at SLEEP 2019.Sleeper G, Rashidi M, Strohl KP, et al. Comparison of expiratory pressures generated by four different EPAP devices in a laboratory bench setting. Sleep Med. 2022 Aug;96:87-92.Hakim TS, et al. EPAP devices Optipillows, Bongo Rx, and Theravent: Flow resistance and the pressures they generate. J Sleep Med Disord. 2021;7(1):1119.
Last updated Oct 2023. A version of this guide published in the October 2023 issue.

EPAP therapy Provent was discontinued in 2020. Information in this guide based on data submitted by EPAP marketers. Sleep Review strives for accuracy in all data but cannot be held responsible for claims made by marketers. All devices may not be included. Email editor[at]sleepreviewmag.com to be considered for the next update.

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