Outsourcing aspects of home sleep testing (HST) to a vendor specializing in logistics can free up staff and facilitate practice growth. Compare HST services programs on parameters including payment, devices used, scoring and interpretation options, turnaround time, patient education, live help, and more.

Company:REMwareApneaMedBetterNightBioSerenity IncBlackstone Medical ServicesCleveMedItamar MedicalLoftaMedBridge HealthcareSingular SleepSleep Care onlineSleepTest.comSnap DiagnosticsVirtuOx
HST Services Program:DreamClearApneaMedBetterNightAccuSom Direct-to-Patient HSATThe Preferred Choice in Home Sleep TestingSleepView DirectWatchPAT Direct & WatchPAT TurnKeyCompletePathMedBridge Home Sleep Apnea TestingSingular SleepSleep Care onlineSleepTest.com + SleepTestCRM SoftwareSnap Diagnostics Home Sleep Apnea TestingVirtuOx Home Sleep Apnea Testing
Payment:Cash pay: ≥$65 + scoring; accepts insurance via provider officeCash pay: ≤$279; accepts insurance via physician partnershipsCash pay option; accepts insuranceCash pay option; accepts insuranceCash pay option; accepts insuranceSleep center bills insurance; CleveMed’s fee is for logistics/equipmentCash pay and insurance options via WatchPAT TurnKey; for WatchPAT Direct, the sleep center bills insuranceCash pay optionCash pay option; accepts insuranceCash pay option; superbill providedCash pay: $295Cash pay option; accepts insuranceCash pay option; accepts insuranceCash pay: $250; accepts insurance
Specific HST Device(s) Used:REMware DreamClearPhilips Alice NightOne, Itamar WatchPAT ONEPhilips Alice NightOne, ResMed ApneaLink Air, Itamar WatchPAT 300/WatchPAT ONEAccuSomResMed ApneaLink Air, Philips Alice NightOneCleveMed SleepViewItamar WatchPAT 200/WatchPAT 300/WatchPAT ONEItamar WatchPAT/WatchPAT ONEResMed ApneaLink Air, Philips Alice NightOne, Itamar WatchPAT/WatchPAT ONE, Ectosense NightOwlPhilips Alice NightOneEctosense NightOwlResMed ApneaLink AirSnap Diagnostics Model 8Advanced Brain Monitoring PSG2, ResMed Apnea Link Air, Philips Alice Night One, Ectosense NightOwl
Typical Provider Categories:All (general public, physicians, dentists, trucking companies, health plans, TPAs, etc)All (general public, physicians, dentists, trucking companies, etc)Physicians, sleep specialists, health plans & ACOs, clinics, dentists, transportation organizations, employers/enterpriseAll (sleep community, cardiology, general practitioner, hospital systems, payors, enterprise/employers, safety sensitive populations, consumers)All (any medical specialty, practice, hospital system, or payor)Sleep specialists, sleep centers, ENT, employersAll (sleep physicians, sleep labs, cardiologists, dentists, general practitioners, safety-sensitive populations, etc)Direct to patient, DOT, physician referralsSleep physicians, general practitioners, hospital systems, DOT patients and employers, occupational health clientsHealth care providers, direct-to-consumer, trucking and logistics companiesAllDentists, physiciansMedical and dental providers, sleep centers, transportation companiesHospitals, physicians, sleep centers
HST Scoring Options:Autoscoring via Ensodata or manual RPSGT scoringAll scored by RPSGTsAutoscoring assisted with AI; manual review; edited by RPSGTTechnical edit performed by RPSGT with medical director oversight and quality review programManual scoring via RPSGT and/or autoscoringAutoscoring included; manual scoring by RPSGTs availableAutoscoring with manual editing optionAutoscoringAutoscoring and reviewed by RPSGT when using devices with scoring featureRPSGT scoredAutoscoring + board-certified sleep physician manual reviewAutoscoring, followed by board-certified sleep physician manual scoringAutoscoring + manual performed by RPSGT (oversight by board-certified sleep physician)Autoscoring and manual
Interpretation Options:Cloud-based template for interpretation. Board-certified sleep physicians for sign-off if required.Pricing includes interpretation by board-certified sleep physicians—licensed in all 50 states and all Canadian provinces.Board-certified sleep physicians are available in all 50 states. Option for physicians to interpret their own studies.BioSerenity’s board-certified sleep physicians or board-certified sleep physician provided by client.Sleep studies are interpreted by board-certified sleep physicians.Interpret own studies. Interpretation by licensed sleep physician available.Local and national board-certified sleep physicians, as needed.Review of raw data and interpretation by board-certified sleep physician.Board-certified sleep physicians licensed in the same state as patient.Board-certified sleep medicine physician interprets.Board-certified sleep physician licensed in your state.Board-certified sleep physician interprets.Interpret your own, with option to use Snap’s portal, or request interpretation by one of our board-certified sleep physicians licensed in all 50 states.Board-certified sleep physicians licensed in all 50 states.
Raw Data Available?:YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Average Turnaround Time (date of study order to results):Shipped day of order. Data available in the cloud after patient uploads via phone app. (Device return not needed for data download.)Alice Night One: 7 days; WatchPAT ONE: 2-3 days.Order mails day after patient consent. Results delivered 1-3 days after returned device is received.One week. Device ships upon patient confirmation of testing date and data is transmitted as soon as study is completed.Device can be sent as quickly as the same day Rx is received. Results given 24-48 hours after test is completed.≤8 days (typically)2-7 days5 days1-3 days7-10 daysOrder mails next day, results available same day study is completed11-14 days (1-3 days from device received date to documentation provided date)Tests dispensed in-office can start on the same night. Home delivery orders ship within one business day. Post-testing including manual scoring, quality review, and MD interpretation typically 2-5 business days.≥7 days
Patient Education:Telehealth support via videos and Quick Start Guides—all in English and Spanish.Hundreds of pages of patient and physician educational content on www.apneamed.org. Patient care representatives speak with the patients on the phone and via email throughout the process to ensure they understand how to run the study, what is being recorded, etc.Virtual care platform with video instruction. Written and pictorial instructions Included. Support methods include telehealth video visit, HIPAA secure chat, email, and phone.Upon device arrival, patient is contacted to confirm delivery, reinforce importance of testing, and review components; device and three sensors. Provided written instruction, video, and contact information for support. Clinical staff confirm successful test or alternatively contact patient to request retest.Continuous automated messages updating the patient on order status. One-on-one initial education. Pictorial instruction sheet. Video instruction. In-patient home support (some areas). Follow up and coaching daily while patient has device.Home sensor hookup and device operation are described by qualified personnel telephonically. Pictorial instructions/video are provided.Patient support representative contacts the patient to provide detailed instructions on the device delivery and testing process. Patients are instructed about the proper use of the device. Patients also receive written step-by-step instructions.On-demand respiratory sleep coach support.Patient service representative contacts patient to provide instruction on device delivery and testing process. Shipping confirmation call made to patient upon delivery to confirm receipt. Patients have access to written instructions included with the device and video access via web or smartphone.Video and paper instructions, online and phone support with respiratory therapist and RPSGT.The disposable home sleep test uses a free app to provide instruction on how to attach the sensor and use the test. Additionally, Sleep Care online provides written instructions with video. The app has answers to common questions.Patients are educated verbally during telemedicine visits with sleep specialists, and they’re also provided online education tools, along with video and paper instructions.Education is available by phone, in person, or online. Video conferencing by appointment. Sleep test kits include written, visual, and video instruction.Printed materials, SMS links to web-based materials, emails to web-based materials, and live agent training.
Live Help:24/724/724/724/724/724/724/724/724/78 am – 6 pm, Monday-Friday9 am – 5 pm ESTPhone: 8 am–7 pm CT, Monday-Friday. Email replies in ≤24 hours.24/724/7
Additional Program Features:This turnkey program handles device shipment and returns, patient support, AI scoring platform, scoring/interpretation signoff via cloud portal, and more. The smartphone app records, measures and transmits sleep staging, eye movements, oxygen levels, heart rate, breathing, snoring, EEG, and body position. Increase revenue while providing high-quality care.ApneaMed also provides telemedicine consults on request, and sells autoPAPs, masks, and hoses at discounted rates. HST users receive a coupon code worth $100 off an autoPAP machine. All services are provided to all 50 states and all Canadian provinces.BetterNight’s HST program provides an end-to-end solution for the patient and provider. BetterNight is a comprehensive, highly-secure virtual platform that offers online insurance and billing, delivery tracking, how-to videos, and HST results. Additionally, providers can order and manage DME services for their patients.Devices are shipped directly to the patient. Testing up to 3 nights. Upon completion, the data is transmitted from the patient’s home to provide prompt turnaround of results. With 190M covered lives, BioSerenity provides national coverage.Blackstone’s approach to healthcare is focused on access, quality, and cost. Blackstone delivers healthcare solutions that change outcomes for patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.Mail-order service designed specifically for sleep centers that want to add direct-ship HST to their program. Customized branding, workflow, and patient kit. Quarterly reports available at no charge. 97% success rate. Over 90% patient satisfaction. Speed the process for your referring sources, increase your revenue, while maintaining continuity of care.WatchPAT Direct and WatchPAT TurnKey are mail-delivery programs that allows clinics to expand patient access, reduce backlogs, and scale an HSAT program quickly with no upfront cost and minimal time from the office staff. WatchPAT TurnKey offers the option to directly bill patients’ insurance. Both programs are consistent with AASM’s COVID-19 mitigation strategies.Lofta offers an end-to-end journey from initial discovery/education through screening, at-home testing, interpretations, diagnosis, medical directives, and therapy. The RightStart Therapy Program includes full support as well as a host of added-value benefits. A subscription therapy program will be launched by first quarter 2021.SleepWorks has a national home sleep testing program with mail delivery and pickup options (market specific). Employers/occupational health clients can ensure employees tested in a timely way and followed up by a sleep physician. Sleep physician network can provide consultation and follow-up services via telemedicine or face to face (market specific).Online sleep doctor consultations, remote management and titration of PAP devices.Sleep Care online follows up every HST with a face-to-face telehealth visit with a board-certified sleep physician to review study data and discuss therapy options. A prescription for PAP therapy is provided if warranted. Follow-up telehealth visits available. Patients offered access to a sleep coaching program plus $100 off PAP purchase at The CPAP Shop.New SleepTestCRM custom, HIPAA compliant software platform. No more paper, no more faxing! SleepTestCRM is fully automated online with complete tracking of patients’ sleep testing experience. Patients are also provided with an external user portal to make payment, schedule and attend telemedicine visits, and track their activity.Select workflow and billing options that are best suited to your needs. Service includes Type III HST, 24/7 patient support, full manual analysis, and quality review. HST reports and raw data are available via secure online portal. Order treatment through your provider of choice via portal to enable efficient continuity of care. Online demonstrations available upon request.VirtuOx provides level II, III, and IV home sleep apnea testing devices and has two programs available. Option 1, VirtuOx performs entire test and bills claim to payer. Option 2, VirtuOx performs entire test, MD/DME bills claim to payer. Both programs can utilize Virtuox’s nationwide sleep telemedicine program to order tests and PAP when needed.
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