Respiratory effort belts are used in sleep diagnostic testing to measure respiratory effort in sleeping patients for the detection of certain sleep disorders. This comparison guide compares sleep study belts side-by-side on features such as dimensions, disposable versus reusable, patient range, and power supply.

CompanyBRAEBON Medical CorpCadwell Industries IncDymedix DiagnosticsDymedix DiagnosticsNatusNeurotronics LLCSleepSense
Belt5574 Disposable RIP BeltSleepmate RIPMatePerfectFit 3D Effort BeltsFastTrack Effort PackXactTrace Single Use Pre-Sized UniversalNeurotronics Sensors RIP01 RIP BeltSleepSense Disposable
Inductive System
Dimensions (cm)small: 45; medium: 70; large: 100width: 3.8; length: 60-200cut to sizecut to sizepediatric: 28-56cm; small: 40-89;
medium: 76-140; large 102-190
small: 38–69;
medium: 53–114;
large: 81–198
adult: 120; 150 pre-cut; child: 60 pre-cut
UsageDisposableReusableDisposable, ReusableDisposableDisposableReusableDisposable
Patient RangePediatric, AdultInfant, Pediatric, AdultInfant, Pediatric, AdultPediatric, AdultInfant, Pediatric, AdultAdultInfant, Pediatric, Adult
TechnologyRIPRIP (full line of Piezo belts also available)PVDFPVDFRIPRIPRIP
PSG/HST CompatibilityWorks with virtually all HST or PSG systems.Compatible versions for all known Embla systems & most PSG systems that accept 1.5 mm female touchproof connectors.Systems that use 1.5 mm DIN TouchProof connector or 249-style keyhole connector.Email [email protected].
How to Adjust SizeBuckle adjustment.Dual Tri-Loop sliders adjust for wide variety of patient size and age.Cut to size, button-hole sensor straps.Cut to size.Provider chooses appropriate size.Open the latches, adjust so it is snug but not constricting (lengthening: Pull the buckle ends away from each other so the latches come closer together; shortening: Pull the latches toward the buckle ends), and close the latch.The pre-cut belts insert into easy open tabs on the Inductive Interface. Buckles make adjustment easy. The easy open tabs close to hold the belt in place.
Power SupplyExternal battery power from an oscillator.Supplied by equipment or through processing module.N/AN/AN/ASelf-powered.SleepSense Inductive Interface Buckles.
Additional InformationNo additional information provided.Grip-Rite stitching keeps the belt from slipping. Buckles and the fully encapsulated active elements are designed with comfortable rounded corners and flat profiles. RIPmate belts are quick and easy to adjust from 24” to 79” using the two Tri-Loop sliders.Plug-and-play interface. AASM accepted. No polarity reversal. Ideal for pediatric patients. Optional sum module availableA completely disposable respiratory effort belt solution. Each FastTrack Effort Pack includes single use chest and abdomen effort belts incorporating a cut-to-size button-hole strap system. Plug and play; throw it away.Same high quality RIP technology as XactTrace reusable belts. No threading of material into the lock is required. Belt length can be adjusted to assure a good fit. Pre-attached snap terminates for quick, easy set up (snap sensors & RIP processors sold separately). Size: Fits patient circumference.One year warranty on RIP driver and reusable RIP belt.The precut belts are disposable, and the inductive interface buckets (adult or child versions) are reusable.  
Last updated Oct 2023. A version of this guide published in the October 2023 issue.

Information for this guide based on data submitted by respiratory effort belt marketers. Sleep Review strives for accuracy in all data but cannot be held responsible for claims made by marketers. Pricing is subject to change. All respiratory effort belt marketers get one listing at no charge. Advertisers are offered multiple listings. All respiratory effort belt options may not be included. We plan to update this guide once a year. Email editor[at] to be considered for the next update.

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