Optisom, a provider of sleep health solutions, announced the general availability of the Optisom Sleep Health Platform, a comprehensive, customizable solution for determining and addressing common sleep health issues. The Optisom Sleep Health Platform can be delivered as a stand-alone sleep health program for employers branded “Project Z”, or as a white-label solution integrated into existing wellness platforms from health providers.

The Optisom Sleep Health Platform addresses the sleep deprivation epidemic through proven techniques involving cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a validated, research-based approach that relies on realistic and solution-driven strategies to help people make important changes in the way they think and act—resulting in positive behaviors and outcomes for their sleep health.

The Optisom Sleep Health Platform leverages gamification and incentives for user engagement. Mini-lessons, combined with entertaining and informative sleep-related, challenges keep participants on their toes, accumulating points and rewards while making positive, incremental changes to their sleep health habits.

“Clinically, adequate sleep is absolutely necessary to allow the body maintain and regulate its vital systems,” says board certified sleep physician and Optisom chief medical officer Dominic Munafo, MD, FABSM, in a release. “When the body doesn’t get the rest it needs, it becomes more vulnerable to both disease and injury. Research links sleep deprivation with higher risk for stroke, heart attack, diabetes, workplace accidents, and many other health problems.”

In recent months Optisom has successfully launched ProjectZ pilot programs with multiple employers and health plans. Four out of five employees with insomnia reported a dramatic reduction in their insomnia symptoms after participating in ProjectZ, translating into increased productivity, decreased workplace accidents, and reduced health care costs, according to Optisom.

The YourChoice Health Plan serving Manatee County, Florida reported that “ProjectZ is a great addition to our wellness programs, and was easy to implement and promote. More than 40% of screened members had a sleep disorder—an eye-opening statistic. Our shift workers, especially, reported better sleep after using the program, and one member reported that ProjectZ saved her life.”

Optisom delivers comprehensive solutions to wellness programs and wellness providers for combating employee sleep deprivation. Employees achieve better sleep and workplace performance thanks to practical, research-driven sleep tips and strategies. Optisom also identifies and refers employees who require additional medical support and interventions appropriately, based on benefit plan resources.