A successful fatigue risk management system is an organizational approach to improve sleep health and self-recognition of fatigue, reports EMS1.

3. Physical exercise

Alertness can be elevated with physical exercise such as stretching, walking, jogging in place, and other activities that increase the heart rate and body temperature.[13, 14] Clinicians should consider use of physical exercise when feeling sleepy on duty. Exercise can help thwart perceived feelings of sleepiness and help maintain alertness – to some degree.

Exercise is not a panacea for fatigue or sleepiness. Prior research shows that exercise may alleviate perceived sleepiness and improve wakefulness by increasing body temperature, yet cognitive performance may not return to levels associated with being well-rested.[15] In short, you may be more “awake” after a bout of exercise, but you may not perform at your best mentally or physically. Again, there is no substitute for adequate rest and sleep.