A café in Japan is offering a new twist for coffee lovers—the chance to pair their brew with quick, standing naps in vertical sleep pods.

Customers at Nescafé Sleep Café in Harajuku can rent the pods for 30 minutes for a quick power nap. Photo credit: Koyoju Plywood Corp.

Last week, the Nescafé Sleep Café in Harajuku, operated by Nestlé Japan, began offering the sleep pods, called Giraffenap, through a new collaboration with Hokkaido-based Koyoju Plywood Corp, the manufacturer of the pods. The service invites patrons to enjoy coffee and follow it up with a brief standing nap, according to a release from Nestlé Japan.

Available for 825 yen ($5.68) for 30 minutes, users can take power naps in the pods, which feature adjustable lifting devices that allow patrons to relax in an upright position. The pods also are equipped with an automatic fire extinguisher, smoke detector, ventilation fan, ceiling and floor LED lighting, and an air purification system. 

The pods’ manufacturer notes on its website the advantages of power naps in promoting revitalization and relief from fatigue and stress. Shorter, power naps are known to boost alertness and improve health outcomes. In a study of over 3,200 adults in Spain, a country known for its midday naps, researchers discovered that, among habitual nappers, those who took a nap of 30 minutes or less had a 21% lower likelihood of elevated blood pressure compared to non-nappers.

For a limited time, the sleeping pods are available on the cafe’s second floor.

Photo caption: Giraffepod

Photo credit: Koyoju Plywood Corp