Boston-based Signifier Medical Technologies LLC, maker of daytime sleep apnea therapy device eXciteOSA, is teaming up with Belgium-based Sunrise, developer of a chin patch home sleep test, to improve sleep apnea diagnosis.  

This collaboration combines Sunrise’s artificial intelligence solutions and the technologies of Signifier’s eXciteOSA to improve patient care through more efficient diagnostics and treatments.

Founded in 2015, Sunrise aims to democratize access to care for sleep apnea by bringing clinical quality directly into the patient’s home. Its artificial intelligence-powered technology analyses a new signal on the human body, mandibular jaw movements, and other standard apnea signals, from a single sensor simply placed on the chin.

“We are excited to partner with Signifier Medical Technologies, starting with the UK market, and offer our innovative home sleep test to more patients suffering from OSA,” says Laurent Martinot, CEO of Sunrise, in a release.

The integrated solutions of Sunrise’s customized personal home sleep testing and Signifier’s patient management portal will enable healthcare providers to gather comprehensive data on their patients’ day-to-day clinical experiences while providing tools for them to understand the unique needs of each individual better and optimize patient outcomes. With a common goal of improving patients’ lives through better sleep, Signifier and Sunrise hope to create a future where better healthcare is available for all, according to a release from Signifier.

Akhil Tripathi, Signifier’s co-founder, and CEO, says in a release, “We look forward to offering this innovative home sleep test to provide millions of patients suffering from OSA with easier access to diagnostics and personalized treatment.”

Signifier is dedicated to engaging with the sleep research community to produce high-quality evidence from rigorous clinical trials. Randomized trials for eXciteOSA are in progress to understand the potential placebo effect (NCT04974515), the impact of therapy relative to usual care without treatment (NCT05183009; NCT05252156), and the impact of therapy amongst those with moderate OSA (NCT05252156).

Photo caption: (Left) Signifier Medical’s eXciteOSA daytime sleep apnea therapy and (right) Sunrise’s chin patch home sleep test.