PhilipsAlice PDx portable diagnostic system received a gold award for design excellence at an awards ceremony held June 9, 2010, during the Medical Device & Manufacturing (MD&M) East 2010 Conference and Exposition, in New York City. The award competition is sponsored by Canon Communications.

According to Canon Communications, organizers of the awards competition, "Entries are evaluated on the basis of their design and engineering features, including innovative use of materials, user-related functions that improve healthcare delivery and change traditional medical attitudes or practices, features that provide enhanced benefits to their patients, and the ability of the product development team to overcome design and engineering challenges so that the product meets its clinical objectives."

The Alice PDx is easy for patients to set up and use in the comfort and privacy of their home. A logical graphical screen assists the user in the application of the device. A separate step-by-step diagram also is included as reference. Color-coded labels located around the perimeter of the device indicate which sensors to connect and where to connect the sensor leads. The system easily accommodates side sleepers and the sensor leads have been specifically designed to minimize excess length to make it easier for patients to manage them.

"We are honored to receive this award as acknowledgement of the efforts of our marketing, product development, and industrial design teams,” said Tim Murphy, general manager of the Diagnostics and Clinical Software Applications group. “We created the Alice PDx considering many global clinical use cases and the interaction of the clinical, operational, and patient care cycle constituents."