Neurobit, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven sleep health analytics, launched a suite of AI-enabled sleep analysis solutions, including Neurobit PSG, Neurobit Score, and Neurobit HUB, designed to enhance sleep analysis, research, and clinical trials.

Neurobit PSG

Neurobit PSG, an AI-enabled sleep-scoring platform for healthcare providers, researchers, sleep labs, and enterprises, leverages AI algorithms to deliver accurate and efficient sleep scoring.

Built on a clinically validated automated scoring algorithm trained on over a trillion points of demographically diverse multi-channel physiological data, Neurobit PSG aims to simplify the process of sleep evaluation and scoring, according to a release from the company. 

“The development of Neurobit PSG has been driven by the need to address two key challenges in sleep science: efficiency and accuracy,” says Amiya Patanaik, PhD, co-founder of Neurobit, in a release. “Our solution delivers on both fronts, providing immediate ROI to registered polysomnographic technologists, helping to clear backlogs, save valuable time, and increase accuracy.”

Key features of Neurobit PSG, according to a release from Neurobit, include:

  • AI-powered sleep scoring: The software offers accurate and efficient sleep scoring using advanced AI algorithms, helping researchers and healthcare providers to streamline their processes.
  • On-premise data security: With an emphasis on maintaining high levels of patient data security, Neurobit PSG can store patient sleep data within the sleep lab’s internal system.
  • AASM compliant: Neurobit PSG aligns with American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidelines (AASM), ensuring standardized and globally recognized sleep scoring.
  • Interoperable and compatible: The solution has been designed to integrate with multiple file types and seamlessly fit into existing workflows with zero disruption.
  • Total sleep time accuracy: Neurobit PSG guarantees precise total sleep time measurements, a key feature for home sleep apnea testing devices.

Neurobit Score

Neurobit Score, an AI-powered automatic sleep-scoring system for researchers, professors, and technicians, offers a sleep analysis platform with comprehensive staging and channel analytics.

By utilizing Neurobit Score, professionals can garner insightful knowledge on sleep patterns, including sleep as a biomarker, to understand its impact on overall well-being. The system delivers real-time sleep staging, optimized channel analytics, cloud-based AI scoring, sleep biomarker identification, and customizable scoring parameters.

“The introduction of Neurobit Score marks our dedication to equipping researchers with the tools they need to delve deeper into the study of sleep patterns. By harnessing artificial intelligence, we provide immediate, accurate sleep analysis results, fostering innovation in sleep studies,” says Patanaik in a release.

Neurobit Score’s main feature, according to a release from the company, include:

  • Real-time sleep staging: Accelerates research analysis by providing immediate sleep stage results.
  • Streamlined channel analytics: Offers optimized channel analytics, simplifying the process of data interpretation.
  • Cloud-based AI scoring: Uses cloud-based artificial intelligence for enhanced sleep scoring accuracy.
  • Sleep biomarkers: Allows for an in-depth study of sleep as a biomarker, providing insights into health and well-being.
  • Customizable scoring parameters: Grants researchers the flexibility to adjust scoring settings to suit specific research needs.

Neurobit HUB

Neurobit HUB, a web-based tool designed to improve the clinical trial process in sleep and population health research, was developed from Neurobit’s experience in conducting clinical trials and understanding the associated challenges. The platform is intended to optimize sleep studies, accelerate scientific breakthroughs, and make the clinical trial process more efficient.

Leveraging Neurobit’s expertise in sleep analytics, Neurobit HUB integrates an advanced analytical capability that can derive 40 specific sleep biomarkers from physiological data. This feature is aligned with the needs of clinical researchers, academics, and technicians and opens new pathways for novel biomarkers and drug discovery among others, according to a release from the company.

“The power of data in accelerating breakthroughs in sleep science cannot be overstated,” says Patanaik in a release. “With Neurobit HUB, we are going beyond traditional data management by offering a tool specifically tailored to streamline the entire clinical trial process. This solution was born out of our own experiences with the trials and the recognized need to innovate in this critical area.”

According to a release from the company, key features of Neurobit HUB include:

  • Seamless clinical trial integration: Offers end-to-end support for the clinical trial process, consolidating and harmonizing data for holistic analysis, making trial management more transparent and effective.
  • Powerful and advanced analytics: The tool’s advanced statistical analysis and visualization capabilities are aligned with Neurobit’s work, which includes leveraging 40 biomarkers, offering researchers unparalleled insights.
  • Customizable study design: Researchers can tailor research protocols with customizable study parameters and workflows, enhancing efficiency and flexibility in clinical trials.
  • Collaborative research: The platform supports secure data sharing and collaboration to foster a cooperative research environment.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensures strict adherence to privacy regulations and data security standards.

Photo caption: Neurobit Score

Photo credit: Neurobit