A pilot certification program by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine could build confidence in sleep study autoscoring software and lower interrater variability. It could also impact sleep tech jobs.

By Alyx Arnett

As autoscoring software is increasingly being used in American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)-accredited facilities, the AASM has launched a two-year certification pilot program to verify software performance. 

“While autoscoring software requires FDA [Food and Drug Administration] clearance, we found that the process that these companies undergo to confirm the software’s performance was highly variable and without a clear definition of what acceptable autoscoring performance really is,” says Steve Van Hout, MBA, CAE, executive director of the AASM. 

For the pilot, the AASM had 11 qualified individuals score over 100 sleep studies from US sleep labs. The privately obtained studies were chosen by AASM staff for their diversity and representation of real-world conditions.