In light of Philips Respironics discontinuing its Alice 6 sleep diagnostic equipment in the United States, some sleep disorders centers have been turning to Alice Repair Services (not affiliated with Philips) to purchase rubberized headbox cases designed for the polysomnography (PSG) equipment. 

Philips states it will continue to support all discontinued products with repair kits, spare parts, and resupply materials depending upon parts availability up until the end of service date—Jan 25, 2029 for Alice 6—as specified in the discontinuation notice. But some centers aren’t taking any chances.

“The Alice 6 Headbox Case is a tool-free solution made with a combination of rubber-like and hard plastics designed to protect your lab equipment from damage. It is resistant to most cleaning agents making it easy to maintain and clean,” says Alice Repair Services’ Michael Shryock, RPSGT, CCSH. “Additionally, the case integrates seamlessly with the original shoulder strap, reinforcing its durability. A must-have accessory for any lab using the Alice 6 systems, this case is a cost-effective investment to prevent the expensive repair or replacement of a damaged headbox.”

Alice Repair Services also specializes in base station, headbox, and other repairs relating to the Alice PSG systems. Other services it offers include remote IT support, report template assistance, equipment installation, remote consultations, and equipment refurbishment and certification services.