More and more employers are adding sleep services to the wellness programs they offer their employees, reports Buzzfeed. 

Employers generally support wellness programs because, the thinking goes, workers who are healthy and active tend to be more productive, miss less work, and incur lower health care costs. Some of these programs track data about their lifestyle and behavior, like weight, smoking habits, and steps.

But not sleep, at least until recently. Big Health, founded in 2010, deploys Sleepio to 1 million workers at 20 employers, including Boston Medical Center, LinkedIn, Oxford University, the Henry Ford Health System, the UK’s National Health Service, and Comcast. Aetna offers hundreds of dollars to employees as an incentive to sleep seven hours a night. And Accenture, the strategy and consulting firm, is now providing Sense devices, the sleep-monitoring gadget from the startup Hello, to its employees (it isn’t privy to any of their data, and participation is voluntary).