An EmpowerHer news report examines the impact of menopause and its related symptoms on sleep.

According to the Sleep Foundation, “the stages from perimenopause to post-menopause cause women to report the most sleeping problems.”

I’m in the middle of both stages and am sure this is why I’m having such a hard time catching my beauty sleep.

The Sleep Foundation also states that most often, trouble sleeping isn’t the only issue. Other symptoms are usually present, including the notorious hot flashes, mood disorders, insomnia and sleep-related breathing conditions. Depression and anxiety often go hand-in-hand with sleep problems as well.

I certainly hadn’t been feeling like myself, and according to my husband, I’ve also started disrupting his sleep due to my snoring. Though I try to deny it, it’s hard to argue.

I’m also suffering from hot flashes. When my hot flashes happen at night, my body starts sweating. I get so warm that it wakes me up from a deep sleep. Sometimes I fall back to sleep despite the night sweats, and while that’s great, the quality of overall sleep is terrible, leaving me exhausted the next day.

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