For the 5th post in a “Voice of Telemedicine” blog series, interviews by sleep physician Dr Joe Krainin.

What’s your background? Specialty? How long have you been practicing? Where is your primary location? I’m a sleep medicine physician with a background in neurology with board certification in both of these specialties. I graduated from Tufts University Medical School in 2004 and have been practicing sleep medicine since 2008. Our offices are based in Mount Pleasant, SC. I’ve had a diverse career thus far, including serving as the medical director of both a large sleep lab and a professional sports team. Sleep is my passion and I have an entrepreneurial streak that I probably inherited from my father, John, who founded several successful businesses. Singular Sleep allows me to practice sleep telemedicine in 17 states, and we are rapidly expanding throughout the country. We’re excited about entering the New York and Illinois markets soon. Our plan is to be nationwide by the end of this year.