A CareerBuilder survey reveals that half of full-time American employees are losing sleep because they are thinking about work, reports the Daily Mail.

A recent survey from CareerBuilder reveals that the majority of workers say they feel sleep deprived, and it’s caused many to become less productive, and even doze off at work.

The survey was conducted online by Harris Poll, which collected the responses of more than 3,200 workers in the US.

Almost half of the participants reported that they were kept up at night thinking about work, with 44 percent indicating this, and an even larger group of people say they don’t get enough sleep.

More than half of those surveyed – 58 percent – said they feel sleep deprived, and 61 percent of the participants say this is having a negative impact on their work.

Less than a quarter of workers reported to getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, while most, 63 percent, said they get between six and seven hours.

More than those who get eight hours of sleep are those who get minimal amounts, with 21 percent of participants reporting that they sleep five hours or less on average.

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