Inc Magazine shares a list of sleep hygiene habits that Bill Gates uses to help him get enough rest.

Replace any LED lights where you sleep. They emit the most sleep-corroding blue light,” Gates wrote. Of course, keeping any lights on at night will reduce melatonin, which the body produces to help you sleep. But, Harvard researchers found blue light–which also lights up smartphones and tablets–is the worst offender in reducing that melatonin you need to get shuteye. 

Keep the room cool. “If you’re fortunate enough to be able to control the temperature where you live, set your bedroom to drop to 65 degrees at the time you intend to go to sleep,” Gates said. If you’re always cold, and shudder at the thought of a cold room, try wearing socks to bed. Research shows that keeping your feet warm can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

Limit your alcohol. Alcohol might help you fall asleep, but it suppresses the ability to reach the most important REM sleep or deep sleep. It may also impact your business, since the research also shows you will likely be less alert and less efficient the next day, when you’re back in the grind trying to grow your company.

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