An Epilepsy Society report indicates that a study showed lack of sleep is associated with poor short-term seizure control among people with epilepsy.

The study, published in Epilepsy Research journal, analysed 207 people with epilepsy attending clinical visits. While there, they were assessed according to the Insomnia Severity Index (ISI). Researchers recorded the presence or absence of seizures and quality of life within the preceding four weeks. Subjects were also asked to complete a survey about sleepiness and mood.

Of the 207 study subjects, 43 per cent had clinically significant insomnia, and 51 per cent had at least mild insomnia and 58 per cent were seizure free. Mean ISI scores were significantly worse for those with continuing seizures, and more severe ISI scores correlated strongly with worse QOL.

Younger age, shorter duration of epilepsy, use of sedatives, excessive sleepiness, and depression were all associated with more severe insomnia.

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