In a recent report, the consulting firm McKinsey highlighted ways in which companies can do a better job of encouraging wellness such as installing nap rooms, according to The Huffington Post.

As people become more mindful about their sleep health, companies, too, are starting to join the movement. Nap rooms are a common sight at Google, Zappos, Ben & Jerry’s and The Huffington Post, and a handful of tech and media executives have been vocal about the need for better rest and work-life balance.

For the broader business world, though, the culture of stress and overwork has been slow to evolve. This might change as organizations like McKinsey, one of the most prestigious consulting firms in the world, join the conversation.

In a recent report, McKinsey highlighted ways in which companies can do a better job of encouraging wellness, from installing nap rooms to making sure workers take vacations. Aiming to squash the notion that sleep is a luxury, the firm is also spreading the report’s message to its enormous network of clients.

“We still view sleep as something that interferes with work,” said Els van der Helm, a sleep specialist at McKinsey who co-authored the report. Nap rooms, for example, “aren’t always used very much, or there’s still a taboo in using them,” she told The Huffington Post.

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