A writer for Brit & Co tried out a smart sleep mask.

Even with the gently dimming red “sunset” light and slow pulses designed to relax me into sleep, I feel like I stayed awake for a while after putting on the mask last night. I can’t be sure how long I lay there, because I didn’t take the mask off to look at my cellphone clock like I usually do when stressing. If nothing else, I feel like this is a good benefit of the mask, as I tend to hop back on my phone or computer in bed when I feel like I can’t sleep, which is basically a bad cycle. In terms of wearability, I’m pretty impressed that the mask stayed on my face and don’t remember *any* discomfort from the edges or the strap. Since I naturally woke up several times (ugh) before the mask prompted me to, I’m still not sure how well it works. Here’s to carrying on!

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