FusionHealth, a population health management solution focused on delivering effective treatment for sleep problems at scale, has launched SleepCharge, a comprehensive platform that will equip employers with tools for managing workforce sleep health in a way that is cost effective and drives a measurable return on investment.

SleepCharge is a renovation of FusionHealth’s 2013 Sleep4YourHealth program designed to feature technology-enabled program solutions that allow employers and health systems to radically improve the efficiency, consistency, and delivery of care while systematically driving positive health outcomes and controlling costs for their at-risk populations.

SleepCharge is comprised of four primary components—the first is a new, participant-engaging website (www.sleepcharge.com) that provides ongoing education and program access. A SleepCharge app, powered by FusionHealth KOEO technology, will give program participants mobile delivery of personalized medicine to improve sleep as well as short, standardized assessments to help identify problematic areas. In addition to providing instant access to sleep experts and coaches, the app, which is expected to launch June 2016, will also offer sleep data to track patient progress.

The third component of SleepCharge is a participant resource center, which includes direct access to sleep coaches who are readily available to answer questions and provide the help needed for improving daily therapy adherence. The center will also allow access to sleep health professionals to assist participants with overcoming sleep problems and an expanded offering of behavioral science services which will include helpful coaching and continuing education on a broader set of sleep disorders beyond obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Finally, these services will also provide media and technology resources including updates on the latest advancements in sleep health.

“Technology-enabled programs like SleepCharge allow for consistency of care at scale, thereby revolutionizing the delivery, access, and effectiveness of treatments for sleep problems that affect up to half of the world’s population each night,” says FusionHealth president and COO John Letter in a release.

“SleepCharge represents a market-driven evolution of the population sleep health solutions FusionHealth provides,” says Jennifer Lindskoog, vice President of FusionHealth National Accounts. “The solutions and tools offered are focused on successful outcomes for program participants, enabling employers to optimize the health, performance, and engagement of their employees.”