novasomThe American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) designated NovaSom Inc as an Approved Out of Center Sleep Test Provider (AOCSTP), marking the first time a home sleep testing company has earned the AASM approval.

NovaSom’s approval recognized the company’s advanced compliance with the AASM’s updated quality standards for out of center testing, which will go into effect for all AASM-accredited sleep centers on August 1, 2013. The company said the approval by the AASM will improve quality and access to care for millions of Americans.

“Health insurers, benefit managers, employers, physicians, and patients have a new gold standard by which they can evaluate the quality of home testing,” said NovaSom’s chief medical officer Michael Coppola, MD, a member of the AASM. “We are proud that the Academy has recognized NovaSom’s commitment to accurate, high quality, cost-effective in-home testing for OSA, and our consistency in providing an excellence experience for patients and sleep specialists alike.”

NovaSom’s AccuSom Deliver program provides the home sleep test device to the patient at their home and allows sleep center physicians to access wireless test data to monitor the patient.

“The American Academy of Sleep Medicine congratulates NovaSom for being the first company to earn the Approved OCST Provider designation,” said AASM president Sam Fleishman, MD. “This designation reflects a commitment to excellence in the provision of out of center sleep testing and confirms that the services provided by NovaSom meet AASM accreditation standards. Sleep centers that are interested in outsourcing some OCST services can have confidence in knowing that their contract arrangement with an Approved OCST Provider will maintain the high quality of their diagnostic patient care.”