Rolling back proposed sleep apnea regulations in transportation workers was criticized in an op-ed published in the Daily Reflector.

Federal regulators were approaching the final stages of imposing mandatory testing. But now the Trump administration has killed that effort. Testing will remain optional. So rest easy, commuters.

Trump is also backing off another federal effort to require speed limiters in the trucking industry. Why?

Because he says regulations are bad for business and hiring. But think about his alternative: To save the hassle of screening drivers for sleep apnea or limiting the ability of truckers to speed, we are all going to pay the vastly larger price — in lives and twisted metal — of the ensuing accidents.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that many of the members of Trump’s task forces dismantling these regulations have deep ties to industry. Others, his administration refuses to even name. Democratic lawmakers sent a letter to the White House on Monday, demanding that it release the names of its rule-busters and their potential conflicts of interest.

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