Women appear to have a considerable upper hand over men when it comes to mastering lucid dreaming, according to a study by REMspace Inc researchers. 

In the study, published in International Journal of Dream Research, the researchers analyzed thousands of reports of lucid dreams, along with results of a statistical survey, and found that women significantly outperform men in several key aspects of lucid dreaming, pointing toward the possibility of intrinsic factors influencing this ability.

When a person maintains consciousness during sleep, their dreams are referred to as lucid dreams. This phenomenon has been studied in laboratories since the 1970s. It was previously known that even regular dreaming exhibits gender differences. Researchers from REMspace Inc investigated how this is reflected in intentional lucid dreaming practice.

For this purpose, 16 experiments containing 2,155 lucid dream reports were analyzed, and a survey was conducted among 290 practitioners. The statistical analysis showed that, compared with men, women enter lucid dreams 50% more often immediately upon falling asleep, experience spontaneous lucid dreams 50% more frequently, and can remain in lucid dreams for longer. Meanwhile, men and women achieve their goals in lucid dreams at equal rates.

“A substantial data sample indicates that the results are not random. It is more likely that they are due to inherent distinctions in the physiology of the male and female brain,” says Michael Raduga, CEO and founder of REMspace, in a release. “However, it must be understood that various factors, including psychological ones, are significant for successful lucid dreaming practice. With their help, men partially compensate for their natural limitations.”

REMspace has been operating since 2007. In recent publications, researchers have demonstrated a brain implant for controlling dreams and transmitting speech and music from lucid dreams. They have also provided evidence that encounters with “extraterrestrials” are most often attributed to false awakenings

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