Researchers from the California-based startup REMspace have achieved the real-time transmission of melodies from lucid dreams using electromyography sensors. 

The results of the experiment have been published in Dreaming

Our dreams display the high creative potential of the subconscious mind, but how can we harness this resource? Lucid dreams, which have been studied in laboratories since the 1970s and popularized in films like Inception and Vanilla Sky, are well-suited for this purpose. In lucid dreams, individuals maintain consciousness, allowing them to use the resources of their subconscious. For instance, they can intentionally discover unique melodies. The challenge lies in bringing this information back to reality.

Even though humans are paralyzed while dreaming, electromyography sensors detect residual nerve impulses. Researchers placed these sensors on participants’ arms and programmed them to play specific sounds from the intro of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” In lucid dreams, participants were able to rhythmically tense their arms, and the researchers could hear the melody in real-time.

“We transmitted a simple melody from a dream to demonstrate the potential. In reality, there aren’t significant limitations on melody complexity. Soon, you’ll be able to discover ingenious compositions in your dreams and record them immediately. This approach to utilizing human potential may allow us to compete with artificial intelligence in the future,” says main author Michael Raduga in a release.

By 2024, REMspace aims to release the first device capable of transmitting music from dreams and other unique features.