New PSG [polysomnogram] and EEG [electroencephalogram] Lead Palettes by TechLux are designed to help improve overall sleep patient setup times and also train both PSG and EEG technologists.

The disposable notepad sheets help techs focus more on patients rather than collection leads, according to TechLux, while also reducing the risk of paste cross-contamination in between patients.


Each palette takes about 2 to 5 minutes to prepare. Palettes can be pre-prepped up to 24 hour before patient arrival. Any conductive or cream can be applied to the palettes. They feature a front page system as well as a system on the back to facilitate lead palette organization and application.

These palettes are currently being used in several Massachusetts- and New Hampshire-based sleep labs and a sleep technologist certification program.

They are available from and from distributor MVAP.