Israel-based EarlySense has released myEarlySense, a contactless sleep tracker for the digital health consumer market.

MyEarlySense tracks and helps users improve sleep and overall wellness in an automatic and contact-free manner, the manufacturer says. The sensor, placed under the user’s mattress, detects individual heartbeat, respiratory rate, sleep stages, and movement, and then wirelessly transmits data to the accompanying smartphone application.

“Building upon the success of our contact-free monitoring solution in the hospital setting, our core technology can make a similar impact for consumers who want key information on their overall wellness,” says Liat Tsoref, VP & GM of the Digital Health Business Unit of EarlySense, in a release. “MyEarlySense is the next logical step after wearables—which we call ‘invisibles.’ We are proud to offer an extremely accurate, contact-free device to manage personal wellness and sleep patterns. Our solution can benefit everyone in taking better care of themselves and their loved ones.”

MyEarlySense is designed to seamlessly integrate with smart home solutions, home security, and smart bed solutions. Users will be able to adapt their home environment to their needs, based on the information collected from the myEarlySense sensor. The ability to automatically detect and analyze bed occupancy, heart and breathing rates, sleep/wake status, and sleep stage, combined with smart home systems, provides endless possibilities for integration. Examples include automatically arming and disarming home security systems and optimizing home energy consumption—based on the user’s sleep cycle.

EarlySense has proven experience in partnering with global market leaders in hospital and home environments. To date the company’s medical devices are deployed in dozens of hospitals, and EarlySense has signed agreements with several leading health and technology companies, including Mitsui, Beurer, and Welch Allyn.