Children’s Sensors

Dymedix Corp, Minneapolis, introduces children’s size sensors for those patients older than neonates (neonatal size) and larger than toddlers (pediatric size). Both Dymedix sensor lines, Gemini and Airflow, are now available in pediatric and children’s small, medium, and large sizes. The Dymedix Gemini sensor captures oral and nasal airflow plus snore with one “peel-and-stick” single-patient-use sensor applied between the nose and the upper lip. (888) 212-1100;

Dual-channel Airflow Pressure Sensor

Detect airflow pressure changes as a single channel, or separate nasal and oral into two channels using Midlothian, Va-based Sleepmate’s Nasal/Oral Dual Lumen Cannula. The product features up to four outputs as well as a filtered airflow and snoring channel for oral and nasal channels. It also has an input port for use during CPAP titration. The cannula can be used with AC or DC channels (choose AC or DC cables for appropriate recorder connection). It uses a 9-volt battery with an estimated life of 400 hours or fifty 8-hour studies. The kit includes one pressure sensor, one adult dual-lumen nasal/oral cannula, one adult nasal/oral cannula, two adult nasal micro cannulas, one AC or DC interface cable, and one snore interface cable. Additional cables sold separately for use as dual channel. (800) 639-5432;

CO2 Monitor

Nihon Kohden America Inc, Foothill Ranch, Calif, introduces the Cap One end-tidal CO2 monitoring device. This new design puts the sensor immediately under the nostril, minimizing all dead space. The result is an instrument that needs no calibration, has no delay, produces higher precision results, and is humidity resistant. Use the new JE-921 PSG/EEG amplifier and benefit from the built-in Cap One option. Cap One is also available in a freestanding unit for interface with existing equipment. Optional patient interfaces include nasal, oral/nasal, oral/nasal with nasal pressure adaptor, and endotracheal tube adaptor. (800) 325-0283;

Portable Recorder

Pleasanton, Calif-based Puritan Bennett’s Sandman® Pocket™ portable recorder is a convenient, versatile tool for sleep screening or testing in the home, hospital, or sleep laboratory. The patient-wearable recorder and headbox contain all the connections needed for collecting up to 14 channels of data, including Nellcor® OxiMax® pulse oximetry and pulse transit time. Optional pH and ETCO2 channels assist with pediatric testing. For more in-depth analysis, the Sandman Pocket portable recorder interfaces with the Sandman sleep diagnostic software and GoodKnight® CPAP and Bi-Level® devices. The recorder measures 3 inches by 5 inches and has a clean, simple interface for easy setup. (Unavailable for sale in the United States until April.) (800) 663-3336;

Interface Cables

SLP Inc, St Charles, Ill, introduces new interface cables to go with its Inductive (RIP) bands. With two separate cables for the thorax and the abdomen, as well as a variety of connection methods, these sensors are suitable for most polysomnography (PSG) systems. The interface cable is a plug-and-play replacement for any existing inductive or piezo sensor. To simplify use, there are no adjustments or switches, and its internal battery is good for more than 700 nights. The combination of these interface cables and SLP’s Inductive bands guarantees an excellent signal throughout the night, according to SLP. (888) 757-7367;

Effort-tracing Belt Sensor

The XactTrace Universal belt from Embla, Broomfield, Colo, is a one-size-fits-all reusable effort-tracing sensor providing a custom fit for every patient being tested on Embla as well as other PSG systems. XactTrace belts feature Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography (RIP) technology and are designed to deliver highly sensitive and reliable respiratory effort tracings. The XactTrace Universal Sensor includes LED status indicators and requires no additional modules or calibration. The easy-to-adjust, one-size-fits-all belt design facilitates the switch from piezo with minimal cost. According to the company, XactTrace Universal also provides an excellent signal and eliminates false paradoxing regardless of body position. (888) 662-7632;,