Compare electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes for use during sleep studies. Compare plating, cup dimensions, lead wire dimensions, disposable and reusable options, and patient range (infant/pediatric/adult).

Company:Ambu USACadwell Industries IncDymedix Diagnostics IncMed-Dyne IncNatusRhythmlink International LLC
Electrode:Ambu Neuroline Disposable Cup ElectrodesCadwell Disposable EEG Cup Electrode PacksPrecision Gold Disposable EEG ElectrodesMed-Dyne Disposable Cup ElectrodeGenuine Grass Reusable EEG Cup ElectrodesRhythmlink Disposable EEG Electrode
Plating:silver/silver chloridesilver/silver chloridegoldsilver/silver chloridegold; pure, solid silversilver/silver chloride
Dimensions:10 mm cup (2 mm hole); lead wires: 40″, 60″, 80″10 mm deep cup; lead wires: 12”, 48”, 60”, 98”9 mm cup; lead wires: 40″, 60″, 80″, 100″10 mm cup; lead wires: 48”, 60”, 72”, 96”, 120”10 mm (6 mm pediatric) cup; lead wires: 12″-96″10 mm cup; lead wires:
1m, 1.5m, 2m
Warranty: (Months)243N/AN/A[no response]N/A
Pack Sizes:10, 15, 23, 25, 2710, 15, 2510, 15Custom packaged to purchaser specifications108-40
Last updated October 2023. A version of this guide published in the Oct 2023 print issue.

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