It would calm the nerves of industry professionals if 2009 shaped up to be a year when sleep medicine settles into some of the changes of 2008, but that may not be the way things unfold. As you well know, the economy is shaky. Not only that, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) will be keeping a close eye on the appropriateness of polysomnography and CPAP, meaning that the sleep industry could see some turbulence ahead. The last thing that the sleep industry wants is for CPAP to develop a reputation equivalent to the power chair of the home care industry. In order to prevent that from happening, sleep professionals have to possess an unwavering commitment to patient care, remain steadfast in their ethics, and make wise business and management decisions. As the only publication that covers the sleep industry as a whole, Sleep Review is here to help you do just that.

With the OIG eyeing PSG and CPAP, it’s key that your billing and policies do not stray from reimbursement guidelines. Every change in policy has the potential to impact your billing and reimbursement process and, ultimately, your pocketbooks and credibility. With Sleep Report, Sleep Review’s weekly e-newsletter, you won’t miss a beat on policy changes. Sleep Report was with you through every sleep medicine policy change in 2008, and in 2009, we remain committed to analysis and coverage of the issues that matter to you.

In 2009, the success of your practice hinges not only on knowledge of policy but also on quality of patient care. We know you are passionate about your profession and the patients you care for. Staying on top of patient care means knowing what clinical advances are being made through research. Browse research briefs at to get the key findings of breaking studies and links to detailed analysis. If you prefer to follow the industry by listening to interviews and analysis, subscribe to Sleep Review’s podcasts and get updates automatically.

In order to help you further advance your career, we also post jobs galore on our Facebook page. Interested in openings in your area? New jobs are posted every day for you to see what’s out there. The site also includes discussion boards for you to chime in on issues that matter to your practice and pose questions to Sleep Review and others in the network.

All of this, combined with the Sleep Review print publication, is what will give you the power to differentiate your practice from others, advance your career to another level, and give you an edge on providing the highest standard care for your patients.

—Franklin A. Holman
[email protected]