Positive airway pressure (PAP), commonly referred to as CPAP (which more accurately refers to the subset of “continuous” PAP devices), is the gold standard treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Many PAP systems can operate in multiple modes, such as auto-adjusting (APAP), bilevel, and auto-adjusting bilevel. This guide compares CPAPs on parameters including dimensions, weight, warranty, noise level, pressure range, data recorded, and features such as altitude compensation. (CPAP masks are compared in a separate guide.)

Company:Breas Medical IncReact HealthResMedTranscend
PAP:Z2 Auto CPAPLuna G3 AutoCPAPAirSense 11Transcend Micro Auto CPAP
Warranty (years):2222
Dimensions (cm):16.46 x 8.38 x 5.1326.5 x 14.5 x 11.49.45 x 25.94 x 13.859.1 x 9.1 x 6.1
Weight (kg):0.2951.71.130.22
Noise Level (dBa):26<262727
Pressure Range (cm H2O):4-204-204-204-20
Pressure Adjustment Increment (cm H2O):
Max Ramp Time (minutes):45604545
Adjustable Ramp Settings5-45 minutes in 5 minute intervalsramp time, min pressureOff, 5-45 min, or auto (begins at sleep onset)0-45 minutes in 5 minute intervals
Pressure Relief Range/SettingsZ-Breathe-1, Z-Breathe-2, Z-Breathe-3.0-3 cm H2O in 1 cm increments.Four EPR settings: 0-3. At 0, pressure relief is turned off. At 3, air pressure is reduced by 3 cm H20.Four AirRelief Settings: 0-3 with 3 providing the most relief.
Data Recorded:Usage hours, leak, AH count, AHI (index)Full reporting data including AHI, central apneas, usage time, leak, pressure, P95Hours used, mode of therapy, apnea
(central, obstructive) and hypopnea (AHI), leak, CSR, RERA, pressure, EPR level
Therapy hours, apnea/hypopneas, mask leak, pressure, AirRelief
Data Transmission OptionsBluetoothCellular, Wifi, QR Code, SD card, React Health ConnectCellular communication, SD cardBluetooth, USB cable
Power OptionsAC input range: 100-240V, DCAC power code includedAC input range: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 2.0AAC Power, PowerAway battery, international adapters
Available Accessoriestravel bagtravel case, integrated heated tubingtravel bag, heated and non-heated tubing, SD card, standard and cleanable tub, standard and hypoallergenic filters, end captravel bag, PowerAway battery, heat moisture exchanger, WhisperSoft muffler
Features:Auto Start/Stop, Leak Compensation, Altitude Compensation,
Heated Humidification and/or Heat Moisture Exchanger
Auto Start/Stop, Leak Compensation, Mask On/Off Alert, Altitude Compensation, Heated Humidification and/or Heat Moisture Exchanger, Remote Programming, Adjustable APAP AlgorithmAuto Start/Stop, Leak Compensation, Altitude Compensation, Heated Humidification, Remote ProgrammingAuto Start/Stop, Leak Compensation, Mask On/Off Alert, Altitude Compensation, Heated Humidification and/or Heat Moisture Exchanger
Patient Data Access:Nitelog appLuna3B QR appOn device; myAir appMySleepDash app
Additional Features:Optional PowerShell (integrated overnight battery).On screen accessory reminder, standby screen saver, Smart A, B, C.New for Air11: Personal Therapy Assist, Care Check-in (support features designed for supporting patients starting/staying on treatment), individually toggleable SmartStart & SmartStop. Plus, integrated humidifier, advanced event detection, AutoSet response, auto and manual climate control, Remote Assist, AirView, myAir. Algorithms include CPAP, Elite, AutoSet, AutoSet for Her.Newly updated MySleepDash, drying mode, micro muffler system for quiet operation.
Last updated October 2023. A version of this guide published in the October 2023 issue.

Information for this guide based on data submitted by PAP system marketers. Sleep Review strives for accuracy in all data but cannot be held responsible for claims made by marketers. Pricing is subject to change. All PAP marketers get one listing at no charge. Advertisers are offered multiple listings. All PAP systems may not be included. We plan to update this guide once a year. Email editor[at]sleepreviewmag.com to be considered for the next update.

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