NovaSom Inc has established its first AccuSom Deliver partnership with SSM Center for Sleep Disorders, a service of SSM Health Care – St. Louis, making home sleep testing available to patients at seven locations throughout the area beginning October 1, 2012.

The AccuSom Deliver program allows the sleep center to increase capacity with access to a complete home testing logistics solution, while maintaining complete clinical control of their patients, according to information from NovaSom. The program offering includes a cloud-based portal for the seven sleep centers to enable efficient management of uncomplicated adult OSA diagnosis in the comfort of the patient’s home.

“Sleep apnea is highly prevalent in Missouri and with our seven locations throughout the metropolitan St. Louis area, previously we’ve considered offering out-of-center or home sleep testing to allow us to diagnosis more patients, faster,” said Team Leader of SSM Center for Sleep Disorders, Daniel Tirado. “However, purchasing or renting home sleep testing devices in bulk would have required a significant operations and logistics burden in-house, from device delivery to validation of testing-in-progress to device retrieval. We are very excited to be working with NovaSom and plan to utilize the turnkey AccuSom Deliver program to provide speed-to-market, reduce operating expenses, eliminate any capital burden, and give us the ability to adjust instantly to spikes in volume.”

The AccuSom Deliver program allows sleep centers to enjoy the scale and operating efficiency of NovaSom’s MediTrack operating platform and StudyViewer interpretation portal. The new portal is integrated with the AccuSom testing device, a wireless out-of-center sleep study device approved by the FDA.

Once a sleep specialist prescribes a home test through the cloud-based portal, NovaSom ships the device directly to the patient’s home. NovaSom’s Clinical Team provides 24/7 clinical support to patients throughout the testing protocol. Leveraging NovaSom’s mHealth partnership with Verizon, the test data are transmitted wirelessly through the Verizon Network to the portal and presented in a user-friendly display ready for sleep specialist interpretation.