Cadwell Industries Inc reintroduces the ApneaTrak home sleep apnea testing (HSAT) device, with three models to meet multiple levels of clinical needs to help diagnose sleep apnea and to test the efficacy of treatments.

The base model ApneaTrak: Core contains all required channels for a Type 3 sleep study. The mid-level ApneaTrak: Legacy adds a thermistor, a second effort belt, and an independent snore sensor input. For total sleep time, ApneaTrak: TST adds three channels of ExG, which can be used as EEG, EOG, EMG, or ECG. The recorder weighs 0.3 lbs (143.5 g) and features a patient event button.

ApneaTrak provides a customizable experience with non-proprietary inputs. Cadwell offers multiple HSAT patient accessory kits, including a completely disposable set of sensors. Patient video guides, color-coded connectors, and automatic scheduled start times help improve study success rates.

A single connection downloads data for review, charges the ApneaTrak, and readies it for the next patient. Reviewing PSG and HSAT studies on one integrated software platform provides efficiency in training and ongoing use. Built-in, rechargeable batteries help reduce the cost of battery replacement and enable recording of up to 24 hours of data over three nights on a single charge.