Earable Neuroscience announces the global sales of the FRENZ Brainband, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered consumer sleep wearable designed to monitor vital signals and provide personalized, real-time audio stimulation to enhance sleep quality. 

FRENZ Brainband wearable tracks and stimulates brain activities through bone-conduction speakers to promote better sleep quality. It has received several international recognitions, including the CES Innovation Awards 2023 and the Red Dot Design Award 2023.

In a collaborative research project between the University of Oxford and the University of Colorado, FRENZ demonstrated an ability to significantly help users fall asleep faster. The study found an average reduction of 24.1 minutes in sleep onset for 377 individuals who experienced difficulties falling asleep. It also showed an 88% sleep-scoring precision compared to the gold-standard polysomnography. The study was published in Scientific Reports.

According to a release from the company, the FRENZ Brainband is accompanied by a mobile app that provides:

  • Fall asleep faster: FRENZ AI curates personalized audio content based on the user’s brain reactions and sleep patterns.
  • Sleep deeper: FRENZ boosts deep sleep by playing pink noise at precise moments of the brain’s slow-wave oscillation phase.
  • Wake up refreshed: The smart alarm wakes up the user gradually at the optimal point in the sleep cycle.
  • Know your sleep: FRENZ continuously tracks brain signals and multiple vital signs, providing an accurate visualization of the user’s sleep quality, sleep stages, and positions.

Photo caption: Earable Neuroscience’s FRENZ Brainband

Photo credit: Earable Neuroscience