A Sport Techie report indicates that two researchers from the University of Arizona have received a grant to study how sleep affects an athlete’s well-being and performance.

Two researchers at the University of Arizona—Dr. Amy B. Athey and Dr. Michael Grandner—have just been given funding via the NCAA Innovations in Research and Practice grant, in order to perform studies on a student-athlete’s psychosocial well-being and mental health. In short, the two doctors will look at how sleep affects more than just an athlete’s performance on the field, but everything around them.

It is the NCAA trying to figure out how much sleep their athletes tend to get—seeing as these are young athletes, who are often living on their own for the first time in their lives. The study should also delve into how that sleep, or lack thereof, is impacting a student-athlete’s stress levels, social interactions and overall mental health.

At the conclusion, a subset of the students studied will be placed in a special program that will attempt to reconcile some of the sleep problems that they experienced during the first portion of the study. This program will include sleep-tracking technology, like the wearables mentioned above, and special lighting, among other solutions.

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