Hello’s Sense, an orb that, along with a pillow clip, tracks a person’s sleep and bedroom conditions, recently got its own review in the Washington Post.

It’s been working for me, to varying degrees. I’ve used sleeping apps before, which require you to have your smartphone on or near your bed as you sleep — directly contradicting the conventional wisdom that you shouldn’t have screens in bed. With Sense, I like that I can set up my alarms and white noise from the app on my phone before I sleep, and then leave my phone outside the bedroom. Plus, having a sensor clipped to my pillow means I don’t have to wear a wristband or headband to bed, which keeps sleep-tracking from being uncomfortable.

Sense also helped me figure out the temperature that helps me drift off in peace. Our bedroom was always a little too hot. But Sense explained that opening my windows wasn’t helping because it raised the room’s humidity and worsened its air quality. Through trial and error, I found that switching on a fan in the room at least a half hour before I hit the hay is a better alternative.

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