According to the Daily Mail, FEMAIL gathered sleep experts to share their tips for better sleep.

It is estimated that one third of people experience bouts of insomnia, with one in 20 taking sleeping pills at some point. 

Poor sleep results in fatigue, poor concentration and irritability the following day – and heart problems in the longer term.

We’ve all heard of counting sheep and sniffing lavender, but if the classic methods aren’t working for you, FEMAIL asked the sleep experts to share the weird and wonderful tricks they use themselves to nod off.

Get colouring. Silentnight sleep expert, Dr Nerina, says the colouring craze that’s been sweeping the nation this year has seen many adults adopt the age old childhood tradition and become one of the best ways for adults to shut off and rest the mind. ‘Try colouring in before you go to bed’, she suggests. ‘It slows the mind down taking the brain from beta mode (highly stimulated) into the alpha-theta states which are almost meditative, this enables and calms the nervous system preparing the mind/body for deep restorative sleep.’