A KY3 news report discusses how FitBit data prompted a Springfield, Mo, woman to join a sleep study and improve her sleep.

The dominance of bad sleep charts motivated Joi to take the next step.

Joi Hook is at the Mercy Sleep Center for a sleep study.  Getting hooked up to wires and gizmos and well.  Even higher tech stuff.

“And the thought of having wires all over me while I sleep has me worried about being all tangled up in the wires (laughs).”

After getting prepped, it’s lights out for Joi.  While the staff watches the screens, listen and analyze how she’s doing.

“I’m actually looking forward to getting the results,” said Hook.  “And being able to change how my sleep goes.”

The results, she was pretty restless.  And stopped breathing several times an hour. It’s actually worse than the FitBit detected.

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