A new program called Sleep Sense aims to teach parents strategy and tips to help their infant sleep, as reported by The Advocate.

The Sleep Sense program Becca Campbell teaches offers parents a strategy and provides support over 10 days while the children learn new habits. It isn’t the “cry it out” technique, Campbell said.

“We can do this gently; we can get those props out so (the children) are sleeping independently and mom and dad are getting the sleep they need,” Campbell said.

Doctors occasionally see children who have these kinds of sleep problems, called “behavioral insomnia,” said Dr. Dwayne Henry, a pediatric sleep specialist at Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group. While Henry focuses on severe sleep issues, especially sleep apnea, he said he often gives advice similar to what a consultant would give when battling behavioral insomnia.

“It doesn’t take a medical education to understand that part of it,” he said.

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