According to USA Today, a new study from Jawbone examined the sleep habits of college students at more than 100 colleges in the US.

Getting enough sleep in college can be a difficult task — not to mention balancing classes, studying, jobs and maintaining a social life. Chronic sleep loss is to be expected in college, but a recent study suggests students may catch more “Z’s” than they think.

According to a study from Jawbone, students average 7.03 hours of sleep on weeknights and 7.38 hours on weekends. The San Francisco-based tech company used their fitness bracelets to track the sleeping habits of tens of thousands of students at over 100 colleges across the country.

Students at the University of New Hampshire, Cambridge University and the University of Oregon average the most sleep on weeknights — snoozing for at least 7.23 hours each night.

But there may be an explanation why some students enjoy a full night’s sleep, while others make a habit of staying up into the early hours of the morning.

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