In a New York Daily News report, professional baseball player Jacob deGrom discusses the apnea health scare he experienced with his newborn baby.

Jacob deGrom has had about half a dozen MRIs throughout his baseball career, but never in that tube was he as stressed out or nervous as waiting for his newborn son Jaxon to come through one last week. With doctors looking for the reason the baby would stop breathing while asleep in the first few days after his birth, deGrom said he and his wife went through an agonizing week.

“In the beginning you are waiting for the blood work, they ended up doing an MRI and X-ray and waiting for the results to come back. It’s stressful,” the Mets righthander said Saturday after returning to the team. “He’s in there hooked up to these monitors and you find yourself constantly watching those monitors and you are just hoping they don’t go back down.

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