The problem, believes Arianna Huffington, is that we don’t prioritize sleep, reports Newsweek.

“We think sleep is optional,” she told Newsweek. The National Sleep Foundation backs Huffington’s theory. This week they released data from a national poll in honor of Sleep Awareness Week. Turns out that 65 percent of Americans think sleep helps them be more effective, but only 10 percent prioritize it over other responsibilities. If you habitually stay up long past your bedtime, try Huffington’s three tips for a more restful night.

Don’t Go for a Run

Numerous studies have shown that exercise can help with insomnia and other snooze-related complaints, but Huffington tells Newsweek she skips the gym when short on time.

“I definitely prioritize sleep over working out,” she said. Plus, having more time to relax makes her workouts more effective.