A Pharmacy Times news report indicates that a recent study revealed pharmacy students with lower GPA scores tended to have poorer sleep quality than their peers.

The researchers sought to explore the sleep quality of pharmacy students first and foremost, but also find out the kinds of associations that exist between sleep quality and other factors, such as gender, school year, and GPA.About 75% of students in the lower bracket of GPA scores were rated as poor sleepers, compared with approximately 45% of students in the middle GPA bracket, and about 56% in the higher GPA category.

Of the 253 students, 47 self-reported having GPAs in the 2 to 2.99 range, 112 reported having a GPA of 3 to 3.49, and 89 had GPAs in the 3.5 to 4 range. The remaining students did not provide their GPA.