A mother of two has created Babyglow, a new app designed to help children sleep, as reported by Evening Echo.

Catriona Lysaght, who works as a Speech and Language therapist at The Speech Centre in Mallow, is used to researching what is current in the fields of health and childcare. Through her own research she uncovered some interesting findings.

“I started reading all sorts of research which suggested that the light from my phone was affecting my baby’s sleep.

“Typically, screen light has a blue tone which tricks your brain into thinking it is daytime. In fact, it actually stimulates your brain to wake up.

“Even if your baby is not looking at your phone, the light rays that your phone is emitting are stimulating the synopses of your baby’s brain and your baby will be less likely to go back to sleep. According to the research, the colour red is much better for sleep.”

Catriona enlisted the help of her brother Jack, who works in cloud computing. She tested out his prototypes on Libby and gave him feedback on how they could finesse the product.

So how does the Babyglow app actually work?

“The Babyglow app is a filter that comes on through your phone screen which changes it from that aggressive blue light to a much softer pinky red hue. You can also set it to a schedule so that it activates at your baby’s bedtime. It features a pink nightlight widget which is handy if you need a light but don’t want to turn on the main light.

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