While some dental practices are thinking about treating sleep apnea, Dental Economics discusses how to best market this to your patients.

Some dentists and their respective practices are considering adding sleep apnea therapy to their treatment mix. As the general public becomes increasingly aware of the health concerns subsequent to sleep apnea, dentists are looking for information and additional treatment solutions beyond the CPAP and surgical approaches. While historically, most patients have found solutions from the medical profession, now there are ways dentists can step up and help patients treat this life-threatening condition. The dental profession has always been at the forefront of public health education. Now, once again, we have an opportunity to expand our education into the area of sleep apnea.

Education is an evolved form of high-level marketing. The more we enhance the awareness of a problem and communicate the options to solve it, the more likely patients are to pursue treatment. There are four fundamental steps to a marketing plan that allow you to market new verticals (treatment categories) to your community. These four steps — when done properly and in order — will have a real impact while remaining cost-effective: