A report from The Sun lists the top 15 most sleep deprived cities in the United Kingdom.

Countless scientific studies have shown a lack of adequate sleep can affect a person’s judgement, mood, their ability to learn and retain information and can increase their risk of serious injury, in the short term.

Over a longer period of time, sleep deprivation can prove more serious, increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even early death.

So, to allow you to judge your risk, a new survey has revealed the top 15 most sleep deprived cities in the UK.

Interiors brand curtains.com conducted the research, which was based on Google searches for terms related to sleep deprivation.

They included phrases such as “can’t sleep”, “help to sleep”, “how to beat insomnia”

And surprisingly, the bustling capital London didn’t feature in the top 10.

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