Advanced Brain Monitoring Inc (ABM) has been issued new patents covering the assessment of treatment efficacy resulting from supine sleep restriction by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and by the Australian Commissioner of Patents.

United States patent number 10,638,973 and Australia patent number 2018200573 claims broadly limit other positional therapy feedback devices from assessing nightly utilization, time in the supine and non-supine position, number of nightly supine attempts, and user responsiveness to feedback. The claims apply to either vibrotactile or auditory feedback delivered at the chest, neck, or forehead.

“We are proud the technological innovation of the Night Shift Sleep Positioner was acknowledged with its fourth US and fourth international patent,” says Daniel J. Levendowski, a co-inventor and President of ABM, in a release. “These patents add to the Night Shift’s intellectual property portfolio which also restricted others from delaying feedback to allow the user time to fall asleep [eg, 15-minutes] or adapting feedback intensity to the needs of the user.”