Sleep Specialists LLC, a medical device company specializing in sleep therapy, and HGE Health Care Solutions, which specializes in digital health and chronic disease management, announced this month a comprehensive sleep management and cost reduction program for patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

A recent study conducted out of Temple University that included patients from the Law Enforcement Health Benefits (LEHB) organization found that the comprehensive sleep program resulted in a 21% cost savings, according to a press release from Sleep Specialists.

The program includes screening tools, home diagnostic testing, coordination of therapy, and digital monitoring of compliance. The program uses the Zzoma Positional Device for treatment of sleep apnea and aims to replicate cost-reductions while maintaining clinical effectiveness and compliance.

“HGE specializes in developing, validating, and implementing chronic disease management solutions that produce meaningful results,” says Sila Yesilsoy, COO of Sleep Specialists, in a release. “Our comprehensive sleep management program will improve the lives of patients living with OSA and make caring for these patients more affordable.

HGE CEO Mike Markus says, “Chronic conditions affect nearly half of the adult population in the United States, and one in four adults are living with two or more chronic diseases. Digital health solutions are reducing the daily symptom and financial burdens of chronic disease, and we are pleased to have a leadership role in making these solutions available to patients.”