ProSomnus, makers of oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnea, unveiled its plans for a new 32,219-sq-ft facility in Pleasanton, Calif. The facility will serve as the company’s global headquarters and a manufacturing center.

ProSomnus expects to begin operations at the facility in January 2023.

In addition to expanding capacity, the facility will allow ProSomnus to enhance production workflows. The facility will be optimized for mass-customized manufacturing, artificial intelligence-driven medical device design, and 3D robotic milling, with the intention of enhancing production flow, product quality, manufacturing service, and logistics.

“Our new Pleasanton facility will be engineered to improve productivity and process efficiency by applying the latest technologies and lean workflow,” says Sung Kim, co-founder and chief technology officer of ProSomnus, in a release. “Our enhanced manufacturing facility will allow the advancement of disruptive ideas that turn into innovative products.”

ProSomnus’ new facility location was selected with employees, customers, and suppliers in mind. It is within walking distance of rail and bus commuter centers, offers easy access to two major highways, and is near key shipping and logistics partners. Employees will enjoy outdoor break space and easy access to many local shops and restaurants.

“Expanding our footprint in a logistical hub such as Pleasanton is a critical step in making our patient-preferred oral appliance therapy devices available to as many patients as possible, says Len Liptak, co-founder and CEO of ProSomnus, in a release. “Our new facility will help ProSomnus meet the growing, global, demand for our medical devices, optimize our workflows, offers new jobs for the local economy, and provide employees with new career opportunities.”

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